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Chinese Horoscope Compatibility - Rabbit (for Female)

RABBIT (For Female)

For those born in the following years :

1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999


The female of the Rabbit Sign is a very ambiguous personality indeed. You are good at being the perfect hostess, and prefer company to being alone. This having been said, the best part of having company for you is that they must eventually leave and you can be left to your own devices -- no desire to have a large family on your part, as your mothering impulse is atrophied, for better or worse.

You are naturally elegant in all matters of style, dress and manners. You have a very acid tongue, and are fond of humor verging upon insult. Your tender, wistful nature is stiffened by your determination to provide yourself with the material necessities of life. You excel in the mental manipulation of others to serve your own ends.

In Relationships

The Rabbit lover would never dream of wearing his heart on his sleeve. The Rabbit seems aloof, yet underneath is sensual and loving - a tough facade protects a tender interior. Rabbit folk are romantic yet realistic, generous yet mercenary. Rabbits are, whether male or female, completely in tune with the feminine part of their psyche.

Their mothering instinct compels them to nurture others, and they have an innate love of home and family. They will eschew casual romantic connections in favor of someone serious, and don't mind waiting for a very long time for just the right person to turn up. Their highly selective natures can cause them to miss the boat sometimes, and it is important for them to learn how to compromise on their desires.

Likes and Dislikes

Rabbits are generally very cozy and quiet people who like to stay at home nights with a good friend or a good book. The favorite color of the Rabbit person is pale green, and their corresponding gemstones are crystal and pearl. Rabbits like good music, fine wines, fabrics of all kinds, and recreational artwork. Their favorite pastimes include writing poetry, hiking, pottering about in the garden, and chatting with friends.

Rabbits dislike having their daily routines disrupted for any reason, and in general have a healthy distrust for disorganization in all of its many forms. Rabbits are very sensitive about their personal space, and dislike the sort of people who indulge in casual contact at the moment of greeting. They cannot stand the idea of kissing their hellos!

Compatibility with guys of different signs

1. Female Rabbit & Male Rat

Female Rabbits are peace-loving entities, and the energy of the male Rate in pursuit of his narrow goals may upset his intended's sense of interpersonal harmony. Rabbits that can't jump to the Rat's tune may find themselves in for the sort of vicious tongue-lashing that they really don't bear up well underneath.

The male Rat may wish to keep the couple together under his absolute authority, but the female Rabbit may be unsettled by the intensity of his pursuit and refuse the engagement. The Rat pursues and the Rabbit retreats, until both are convinced that they are wasting each other's time with a relationship that never was. This pairing is probably not the best idea that either of these two mismatched personalities ever had.

2. Female Rabbit & Male Ox

Both of these characters appreciate the positive benefits of a comfortable home environment. The male Ox and the female Rabbit are most alike in that they value dependability, safety and security over anything else -- and especially over the sort of emotional histrionics that most couples are heir to.

The Rabbit can easily persuade the frequently stubborn Ox in to sharing her viewpoint on nearly any aspect of the relationship, and in such a way so as not offend his pride as well. The Ox in his turn provides a rock of stability upon which the couple can rely in times of stress, both spiritual and material. The prognosis of this match is very good -- it is to be greatly encouraged by all concerned.

3. Female Rabbit & Male Tiger

The male Tiger and the female Rabbit share a sense of adventure, but the Tiger is willing to go several shades beyond where the Rabbit would prefer to stop and acquire a sense of perspective. Both of these Signs would benefit from a steady love partner, but neither will prove to be what the other desperately needs. Without a personal anchor, the Tiger is lost.

The question will be whether the Rabbit is able to provide him with a home life enticing enough to counterbalance the joys of roaming about. If she can do this, the Tiger will not mind the constraints on his freedom, and instead will devote his not inconsiderable charms towards the perpetuation of a happy home life, which is the cornerstone of success for this ambivalent couple.

4. Female Rabbit & Male Rabbit

The happy conjunction of two members of the Rabbit Sign promises unlimited harmony, peace and prosperity for both parties. No fiery arguments here -- these two like to keep everything on an even keel and run a tight and dignified household. They consider discord beneath them, and will do their best to smooth any ruffled fur that may arise.

The two Rabbits will attempt to retreat from an unpleasant world into a safe environment of their own making, but they should keep one eye on the skies of reality so as not to be caught unawares by any horrific eventuality that may arise to threaten their artificial paradise. Few couples are so well matched as this one, and it will only strengthen as time passes.

5. Female Rabbit & Male Dragon

This just won't work -- these two Signs are very different in temperament and outlook, and will not succeed in bridging their vast interpersonal gap. The female rabbit prefers a stable, safe, orderly existence that will present itself as the ultimate in boredom to the go-go Dragon man. The Dragon, in turn, serves merely to upset the Rabbit's regimented life with his constant comings and goings, events and premieres.

Stormy emotional dialogues are the Dragon's stock in trade, and no matter how handsome he may be, his tirades will soon alienate the understanding Rabbit nature. Soon she'll be trying to figure out methods of making him go instead of methods to make him stay. This is a bad match that should be abandoned as soon as possible.

6. Female Rabbit & Male Snake

The male Snake may soon grow frustrated at his mismatched companion's aura of practicality, while the female Rabbit will in turn experience dismay at her partner's divergences into realms of pure fancy. The Rabbit will feel threatened at her basic level of security, and will react by nagging the Snake into toeing the line.

Nagging is never a good strategy, and in this instance will chivvy the mind-proud Snake into denouncing her as his intellectual inferior and slamming the door on his way out to the nearest Mensa meeting to cruise for a new squeeze. The female Rabbit would be better off with a man who shares her material concerns with regard to the future. The male Snake's disregard for their shared future is indeed the cause of this couple's quick collapse.

7. Female Rabbit & Male Horse

The male Horse and the female Rabbit are capable of a great deal of shared affection. The Horse is a very physical Sign, and will serve to protect and titillate the Rabbit to no end, thus satisfying her great need for a secure and happy home life, as well as regular dosages of sex. The Rabbit in turn will provide the Horse with a safe haven in which to recharge his batteries after his vibrant assaults on life.

The male Horse's raging passions will serve to boost the female Rabbit's fragile ego. Good examples abound here, if eyes will only be opened and see. These two widely disparate characters are very good for each other, and they should stick together as long as they can stand the taste of each other's beneficial medicine.

8. Female Rabbit & Male Goat

The male Tiger requires the freedom of his emotions in order to enjoy life, while the female Goat also requires her own brand of freedom -- the freedom of the intellect. But she also needs a firm place to stand and confront the world on her own terms, and the Tiger is not going to provide the stability she needs.

The Tiger doesn't know how to fend off the regimented forces of life, and wouldn't if he could -- he's all about grabbing a bit of diversion while he can still enjoy it. The female Goat would be better off terminating this sorry attempt at a relationship and looking elsewhere for her security, which is why she so frequently does exactly that. The Tiger will be content with the enjoyment he had while it lasted.

9. Female Rabbit & Male Monkey

The devious male Monkey may by his very nature bring out the worst side of the cunning female Rabbit in what amounts to emotional self-defense against his constant barrage of cutting witticisms. This couple may not be able to go the distance romantically, as the Monkey will find the Rabbit's company somewhat dull, while the Rabbit in turn will require someone more supportive.

When the Monkey gets bored and decides to see what's around the next bend in the road of life, he'll ditch the female Rabbit without a second thought. She probably at that point will be happy to be out from under his scathing gaze. This couple just was not meant to be in the great scheme of things, and neither party will take events too much to heart.

10. Female Rabbit & Male Rooster

On no account should these two Signs attempt any sort of serious relationship. The male Rooster's tendency to voice criticism without thinking beforehand will send the female Rabbit running in no time, while in return she will prove unsympathetic to his problems, which she will view as essentially trivial.

This lack of respect for what he will see as major setbacks will not encourage the male Rooster to stick around and work to salvage things. These two fail to see each other as viable personalities all around, and maybe they both need a little more time to grow as people before committing, at least to each other. They each desire what the other lacks, and nowhere is this lack felt more keenly than in the bedroom after hours. The match is fated to end badly.

11. Female Rabbit & Male Dog

Both the male Dog and the female Rabbit appreciate a stable home life, and will work hard to establish one together. They are each the type that mates for life, and both will persevere in allowing the relationship to find its own level. Any anxiety attacks in the middle of the night will be quickly soothed, and both will achieve new levels of calm decisiveness through their mutually strengthening association with each other.

When his temper bursts forth, she will be able to smooth down his raised hackles before he causes any trouble for himself. It is not a question of whether these two will get married, but when they will do so, and whether there will be a cash bar at the reception or free drinks all around to celebrate the joyous occasion.

12. Female Rabbit & Male Pig

The male Pig and the female Rabbit have a shared approach that they use to make their relationship worthwhile in each other's eyes, and it works wonders in term of emotional viability. Both of these Signs like a trouble-free environment, and if he should want to step out of an evening, she won't mind as long as she isn't woken up at an unreasonable hour by his return.

The female Rabbit is a fount of good common sense, and her first rule is not to fix something that isn't broken. She doesn't exactly enjoy going to bat for the foibles of her partner, but she is willing to do so when the need arises and has the skill to extract the male Pig from any situation he might stumble into on his own initiative. These two Signs make an excellent couple, and manage to get along like a house on fire in the process.

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